My Rabbit Vibrator and Me

A girl’s best friend is her rabbit.

50% off Lingerie & Sex Toys

There is up to 50% off Lingerie & Sex Toys for all of you who regularly buy sex toys or sexy underwear.

My totally favourite sex toy shop ( have got a sale on until 21 December 2008. So, time to get yer sexy christmas prezzies in.

There is up to 50% off sex toys.

plus they have marked down the prices on all Lingerie. It looks like there is at least 30% off all lingerie.


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All I want for Christmas is a new vibrator

I have spoken to all my friends recently about what they would really like for Christmas.

Now, considering some are married or in long term relationships, I was surprised by how many said they would actually appreciate a nice new sex toy.
When I asked whether it was likely that their husband/partner would buy them this, there was a resounding ‘Yes!’.
But doesn’t this make your man feel inferior that he is gifting you with a replacement for his own inbuilt tool that he is so proud of?
It seems the majority suggest that it doesn’t, because for those who are married or in long term relationships, sex toys become part of their ‘together’ activities in the bedroom. So the guy is actually quite excited at the prospect of a new sex toy coming in to their play time.

Taking all this onboard I set about offering suggestions for the sort of vibrators that would fit into the joint play scenario and give pleasure to both. (Me being an expert and all).

Now, there are such things as Dual Sex Vibrators. Not so many available, but those that are available are simply stunning. Usually, there will be a vibrating part that straps onto the man’s penis, which in turn will stimulate the woman’s clit during sex. The results are fantastic.
You can check out the rocking rabbit at Kirstys Secrets. This is the sort of thing I’m talking about.

The Rocking Rabbit Dual Sex Vibrator

The Rocking Rabbit Dual Sex Vibrator

And then came the remote control sex toy

Remote control sex toys are another fantastic gift suggestion that allow you to easily bring toys into your together time. Let him control the waves of pleasure you experience and in turn he will get pleasure from this as he sees you writhing in ecstacy through various stages of orgasm.

These toys have been around for quite some time now (I’ve got a few of them actually :-)). But they just keep getting better.

Let me start with the Miyakodori Remote Control Couples Sex Toy. I remember trying this out with a boyfriend a while back. We got ourselves rigged up and went out for a few drinks. He carried the remote control and now and again would give it a flick or two. Within an hour we were shagging in the pub toilets (the ladies of course) and I dragged him home for more of the same.
You can use the Miyakodori in many different ways, but I just inserted the bullet in my knickers rested next to my clit. Added to the excitement of having an orgasm in a public place, it was just unbelievable.

Check it out here: Miyakodori Remote Control Sex Toy.

Miyakodori Remote Control Vibrator

Miyakodori Remote Control Vibrator

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How I make myself feel super sexy

Feeling super sexy is as easy as wearing the right type of outfit.

Whether it’s a slinky dress or some beautiful lingerie, you can just elevate yourself into a new level of confidence. I always wear sexy lingerie and I always feel good because of it.

Sometimes I pass guys in the street who may turn and give me a second glance and I think ‘If only you knew what I was wearing underneath.. ;-)’

May favourite sexy outfit is a lace basque and matching g string. I really love lace and pvc.

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Aussie Big Brother contestants trying out vibrator

This is pretty funny. The moment when contestants on Australian Big Brother check out a vibrator.

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An Ode to the Vibrator

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Designer Vibrators

I am increasingly seeing designer vibrators pop up in my favourite sex toy shops. All shapes and sizes of posh, sometimes expensive, and yet curiosity arousing devices are appearing on the market and I guess I better start to find out what they are all about.

When I first caught sight of the Lelo Designer Vibes I thought… ‘No way. That just wouldn’t do it for me!’. I just couldn’t see how the shape could give me the sort of sensation I get from a rabbit vibrator. But then I thought, well actually maybe it isn’t supposed to give you the same sensation. Maybe, like men, no two are the same. The rabbit vibe works your clit like no other and the designer vibes give a different sort of pleasure.

My head hurt trying to work out what was going on with these smooth, pebble-like pleasure gadgets, that I just had to do something about it. So, I did!

Whilst I was tempted to try the Lelo Nea (mostly because it was the shiniest), I decided against it and got myself a Lelo Iris (mostly because it resembled a cock more than the others).

When it arrived I thought it was an expensive gift sent to me by a secret admirer. The box was like something you’d get nice jewellery in. There was also a silky pouch with it. I think I’m going to like this.

Lelo Iris Designer Vibrator

Lelo Iris Designer Vibrator

No point hanging about.. out it comes, on to charge and ready for action.

Since, it was quite an expensive indulgance I went the whole hog and had myself a rose petal bath, a cleansing scrub and got me all moisturised before settling down for my pleasure session.

And you know what.. the Lelo Iris didn’t disappoint. I found that even just the various settings rubbing on my clit at the beginning took me through stages of pleasure that felt different to what I was used to with my rabbit vibes. Then when I went for ‘full entry’ I swore I hit my g-spot as I slipped this smooth, delicate device in and out, slowly and sometimes pausing with it fully inserted just to enjoy that silent vibration against the wall of my vagina… incredible.

OMG. This is the Dolce Gabana of vibrators… now all I need is a designer vagina to match.

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Next came the Waver Bunny

Continuing with my Rabbit ownership theme.

At some point I forgot the order in which I owned certain rabbit vibes. So, I’ll try to be as accurate as possible.

When I came across the Waver Bunny there was no stopping me. I just gotta try this one out, I said. And I most definitely was a happy little bunny once I had.

OMG! This crazy. wavy vibrator gave my vagina a very proper thrill to say the least. I was numbed. Actually, no. it gave my whole body a thrill. The orgasm produced by this bright red bunny was something I hadn’t really experienced before with any of my rabbits.
Maybe it was something to do with the location. I first used it in the shower to test out the claimed ‘waterproofness’ – and right enough, I didn’t get electrocuted (at least not in the scientific sense).
I think also the clit stimulator (the ears) was one of the best I’ve seen (felt) yet. It seems to be more powerful than others and yet, still sensitive to the gentle needs of the female clitoris.
Damn, I love this toy and I really can’t wait until they release Waver Bunny mark 2. I’ll be first in line. 😉

And here it is…

The Waver Bunny Rabbit Vibrator

The Waver Bunny Rabbit Vibrator

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Ann Summers – my second fave sex shop

I think I bought my first ever vibrator from Ann Summers, but I’ve found there are now lots of online shops that are less expensive.

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Heat magazine web site

Another of my fave mags is Heat. I have the Heat website  added to my favourites right at the top of the list.

They are massiv on Big Brother gossip just now and I sooo luv BB.

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I’ve been a member and active visitor to for years. I just lurv the forums.. so funny. And I get my regular fix of celeb. gossip.

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